Project for Dubai Health Authority at Sheikh Ahmed Square

Veloche Interior and Exhibition recently completed a project for the Dubai Health Authority, one of the fastest and largest projects we have ever taken on. The project was completed in just five months, making it a huge milestone for our company.

Sheikh Ahmed Square (SAS) was a 14,000 Square meter area designed in 2 months and executed within 3 months. An impossible achievement, achieved within 5 months by designing, handing sample approvals (Over 350 samples), authority approvals, procure the project and execution in time. Every divisional space was designed separately setting the mood color differentiated from the other. Extensive use of greenery infused within the official space gives a clam environment set up. Fine finished furnitures are fully furnished with our own sister company ‘Ventura’ (High quality furniture manufactured in Turkey) setting up a lively experience and a clam atmosphere to work.

The Dubai Health Authority project required a lot of hard work and dedication from our highly qualified professional team of Designers, Project Management, Production and MEP who came together for this high budget project, putting their life and soul even during Ramadan, 2 festive holidays and peak summer to complete this remarkable project a success. We, Veloche Interior and Exhibition are extremely proud of the end result.

This project was a great opportunity for Veloche Interior and Exhibition to showcase our skills and capabilities, and we are grateful to the Dubai Health Authority for trusting us with such an important project. We look forward to continuing to work with the Dubai Health Authority and other clients in the future, and delivering exceptional results every time.